The aesthetic surfaces are by no means terminal values, but an invitation to a picture of which the visible traces are only a projection, and to a mystery that evades the letter of the spoken word.

Ananda Coomaraswamy (via thefecalandthefloral)

A Mirror Monologue

Yeah, I am very well aware of the impression I’m expressing, and the pompous show you’re condemned to witness, but I kinda told you. It is you who refused to believe, since you ‘knew better’, right ? And what I wanted I just brought over, and made it happen. The fine art is in juggling with the desires ‘emselves, listening to the Spirit and what she suggests, without asking why, for those are the beauties of good faith, and the practice of cultivating intuitive mind, being friends with yourself, you know. I know you don’t. You don’t believe in honor among thieves, for all must be either black or white, right ? I can feel it and it kinda makes me giggle. So you look at me wearing my crooked buddha smile, and you judge me for my laughs, falling for the provocation, a flytrap, saying I’m arrogant and pretentious to claim godship like it’s a fuckin’ lollipop. Makes me laugh even more, but that’s a laugh of rejoice, a music to my heart’s ear … Because it is, it is exactly what it is. The whole life is a soul candy. You suck on it’s sweetness while it’s there, and you grief when it’s gone. So, instead of being repulsed by me and my joyful, pompous arrogance, seeing all which you are not coming from my laughter, while on the other hand you realize, cock blocked, that it is pointless to defend that shackled, narrow and bitter state you’re holding onto, which never gave you no rest or peace or meaning, but only a justifiable excuses for your own dead ends … Midside nowhere, right ? A great place to start. So, why don’t you try it for yourself instead of throwing your evil eye at me, soaked in cheap perfume of vanity, but still stinking of envy … A concise reflection of mixed up mess that we all are. How not to laugh ? Assuming and presuming anything you only confirm your own lack of knowledge and understanding, and ultimately, courage ; judging me you only judge yourself, for I’m out of reach. We all are. All alone, and out of touch, a great mixed up mess of mixed up messes, cardboard boxes full of thin air scattered across frozen steppes. A limbo. And none of us are the sovereigns of anything, like our egos made us believe for the better part of our wasted, slumbering lives … And so here we are, face to face, you trying to make this a confrontational dick measuring contest but fortunately I am kind enough not to give you that manly satisfaction. I will only ask you one simple thing : don’t you have something better to do ?

Five-Step Process for cultivating Bare Awareness

Relaxation and the conscious silencing of mind chatter are typical avenues for opening to perception. When first beginning to awaken your energy-sensing abilities, you will experience the most success when you are relaxed and quiet physically, mentally, and emotionally. You can achieve this relaxation through following five-step process, which cultivates a state of mindful bare awareness : 

1. Setting your intention, your desire to become calm and quiet ;

2. Focusing, mindfully directing your attention and placing your thoughts on relaxing ;

3. Releasing, stopping mind chatter and everyday, worldly thoughts ;

4. Allowing, permitting yourself to be fully present in the experience and to be receptive to all of the feelings, sensations, and insights that come to you during this time ;

5. Accepting, performing all steps without judgement or analytical censoring.

In this state of mindful, bare awareness you can access one of the most potent faculties you have for perceiving energy and Spirit ; your felt sense. Your felt sense is the combination of all of the feelings, sensations and realizations that you experience at any given time from your multiple senses. To become conscious of your felt sense, notice what you feel everywhere in your physical body, paying particular attention to the center of your torso. Notice everything that you are thinking, then everything that you are feeling. Then notice what you feel energetically inside and around your physical body, then what you feel intuitively. Finally, notice everything in your whole being all at once. You don’t have to aim for being aware of every tiny nuance going on within to experience your felt sense, nor it is fully possible. Rather, to become conscious of your felt sense, just be aware and notice the overall feelings, sensations, and realizations of all of the individual senses working collectively within you. Notice the undercurrent of energy flowing through this experience. This is your personal energy. You will use this skill throughout your whole life, so be sure to take your time and really connect with your felt sense …